History of the t-shirt

When it first appeared, it was solid white. But soon it began to put inscriptions and symbols. The first surviving photo of a t-shirt with a print is considered to be just the same picture of a cadet from the cover of Life. Although there is evidence that prints on t-shirts were printed before. For example, in 1933, a sports store in Michigan sold Champion t-shirts with the inscription Michigan, and in 1939, the company "Beefy T" released the first advertising t-shirt, announcing the movie "the Wizard of Oz". In 1948, the t-shirt first became a "platform" for political campaigning: American Governor Thomas Edmund Dewey used this item of clothing for his election campaign.

The real popularity of inscriptions on t-shirts got in the 60s — and then it only grew. Names of sports teams and music groups, funny (or not so funny) drawings and symbols, propaganda or provocative images and statements, logos and slogans of brands, portraits, photos, abstraction... T — shirt has become a universal "canvas", a way of expressing oneself, a form of propaganda, a sign of distinction and belonging-and an exclusively fashionable thing.

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